Winter 2019

This year, our goal was to step up our game as much as we could. We started this web site, our YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter profiles, painted some new murals, several new canvases, and worked at nearly 50 cons throughout the year. Last week, we attended our last con of 2019. Through all the ups and downs, we've learned a lot about managing our time and our finances, and about getting ourselves out there into the world.

Winter brings new challenges, with conventions on pause, and working in a cold studio to prepare for the next con season, it's even more crucial that we use this time wisely and manage our expenses closely. Even with no events for a few more weeks, we're at our studio every day, brainstorming, drawing, painting, looking for shows, and looking for murals. The work is always a gamble, never knowing what designs or products people will be into, but we're taking everything we've learned over the year, and are hoping to burst back onto the scene next year with some fresh ideas.

Happy holidays to you all, and thank you for being a part of this.

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