Lopan 4000

An artist from Sacramento, CA, Lopan has been making artwork professionally for over a decade. Lopan, and of course his brother, are of Japanese and German descent, which has resulted in a heavy influence from traditional Japanese art and anime in his painting style. His style is also influenced by street art, and a variety of artists, including Ralph Steadman, Kim Jung Gi, Katsuya Terada, David Choong Lee, and others.

Professionally, he sells his artwork at comic and anime conventions, paints murals for businesses and events, and has  created posters and flyers for musical talents, such as Bassnectar and Pretty Lights.

Lopan has been featured in local news publications in many cities, art galleries, the Sacramento mural festival, television spots, and was one of the contributors to the "SACRAMENTO" mural at Sacramento State University. Although he can be found at conventions across the country, he particularly enjoys working on murals


To book a mural for your business, event, or whatever wall in any location, please reach us through the Contact page.

Mural at Sacramento Stae University


Russ is Lopan's younger brother, and he can be found alongside Lopan at every convention or event. In his free time, he creates art of his own, including ballpoint pen drawings, digital artwork, videos, and music. Russ' contributions to the Lopan Art business include:


- This web site

- Email newsletter

- The Lopan Art blog

- The Lopan Art YouTube channel

- The Lopan Art TikTok account

- The Lopan Art Twitter page

- Working convention tables with Lopan

​- Responding to your emails

​- Any other videos you see about Lopan's paintings, including those posted on Lopan's Instagram page

Currently only one of his designs has been made into a print for the Lopan 4000 art business, but you can check out his drawings here:

Russ' art page


You can also find him on his personal pages:

Lopan and Russ on Good Day Sacramento